What Is Capital Investment?


The term Capital Investment is widely used in the business, basically, the term investment is meant that the items which are to be bought for the purpose to gain profit when they are resale. These items or assets are not to be used by the owner and not even consumed to at the present time instead they are to be saved and then sold out with the profit. In a normal way, this term is used as the process to gain more profit in future time.

What Is Capital Investment?What Is Capital Investment?

Now it comes to the products in which you can invest your money, you can invest your money in any smaller or large things almost everything will give you profit in the future, but some products will give you the profit out of your expectations. Most profitable things in which you should invest are real estates, bonds, and stocks. These things can give you even ten times more profit than your invested money.

Capital investment refers to funds invested in a firm or enterprise for the purpose of furthering its business objectives.

The money which is invested in a business venture with an expectation of income, and recovered through earnings generated by the business over several years. Capital can be invested in various ways.

Physical capital:
The physical capital is a capital which enables the production process. It includes cash, machinery, building, and equipment etc.

Human capital:
Human capital includes labor as well as other resources that human can provide. For example, education, experience or unique skills which contribute to the production process.

Intangible capital:
Intangible capital is the nonphysical assets such as trademark, copyrights, patents, goodwill etc.

The fund targets the top deals across a broad spectrum of areas within clean technology. These include advanced material, water and wastewater, manufacturing and transportation.

Replacement capital investment:
A replacement investment is a cost to replace an asset at equal value. These can be investment securities, accounts receivable or liens

Making a big capital investment can be very profitable for your company. But making the big capital investment can also be very risky for our company.

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