Six Traits Successful Entrepreneurs Share


Success in the business world does not come overnight. While entrepreneurial ventures sound exciting, realistically, most start-up companies fail within the first 2 years. Because of the pitfalls of business, successful entrepreneurship takes natural ability, interest, and drive.


Here are six common characteristics entrepreneurs have learned to gain success:

1. Passion

The first thing all successful entrepreneurs have in common is the passion for success and the passion behind their idea. The key ingredients to a winning idea are its ability to fulfill a need, to solve a problem, and the passion behind it to propel the idea forward. In order for a business idea to come to fruition, entrepreneurs need to be passionate about it. If they can’t convey the idea’s importance, no one else will find it important either.

2. Risk

By definition, entrepreneurship is a business risk. Taking a leap of faith to start a brand new business as the sole proprietor is risky. Successful entrepreneurs understand and take the measured risks associated with a new business launch that may include financial instability, failure, health risks, and the loss of a current career.

Are you ready to give up stability for instability? Even with a great idea that has gained popularity with customers and different financial backers, it is still a rocky climb to the top.

3. Sacrifice

Starting a new company will take sacrifice—of time, money, and sometimes personal relationships. The beginning stages of the new business will require complete dedication and undivided attention; otherwise it’s likely the idea will never be propelled further than a few months. Recognize that turning a profit is unlikely until after the first year. Are you financially ready to fund your business and support you and your family? Are you willing to take out small business loans or other loans from companies like TitleMax? While the first couple of years will take sacrifice, often the sacrifices return great reward in the end.

4. Persistence

Entrepreneurial ventures that turn into worldwide success stories take a founder that is motivated and persistent. To turn an idea into a household name will take determined effort. There will be closed doors and heavy obstacles, but triumphant business leaders manage to find a way to overcome every roadblock.

5. Be Relational

Customers latch onto products that come from companies they can relate to. Be vulnerable with your customers; allow them to get to know you and your vision behind the product. And, take care of your customers—no matter how many or few you have. In turn, they will offer a loyalty to your company that will be foundational to your success.

6. Humility

As the well-known proverb states, “Pride comes before the fall.” One of the leading downfalls of entrepreneurial startups is a prideful business owner who lets his or her success overwhelm the integrity of the company. Arrogant business owners are quick to lose employees, business partners, customers, and financial backers. No matter how successful the company becomes, remember the vision and integrity of the company.

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